Write For Grapevine Weekly:  

Showcase your writing talents by becoming a reporter at Grapevine Weekly.

Our articles focus primarily on the Grapevine community, but we get visitors from around the globe. Our stories are picked up by Yahoo News, CNN, the Dallas Morning News and other news services. Our sports stories on the Rangers, Mavericks, Cowboys, Stars and FC Dallas are picked up by ESPN and other sports news sites.

Be a part of Grapevine Weekly at it's infancy and grow with us. We have many challenges ahead of us. These challenges are mainly marketing and putting news stories on the site as they happen.

As an Grapevine Weekly reporter and writer you will get access to local politicians and sports celebrities.

Contribute to Grapevine Weekly and get Paid!

We have developed an income opportunity based on writing skill and readership. The following is a table that will help you understand the payout for each story.

  • Payout is based on how many pageviews we get from each story:
    • 1000 Pageviews - $5.00
    • 2500 Pageviews - $10.00
    • 5000+ Pageviews - $25.00
    • You can promote your own article to increase pageviews through social sites such as twitter and facebook.
  • We are also putting together a bonus opportunity based on number of stories written and awards won for writing.

All stories are accompanied by a full bio, which can contain links to your web site, providing valuable traffic and backlinks.

As a regular contributor you will also become an advisor to Grapevine Weekly. We would love to hear your ideas and suggestions as we become partners in making the site expand.

We will provide you with the following:

  • Writers Bio with photo on Grapevine Weekly that will help you market yourself on the web.
  • Email address at Grapevine Weekly (yourname@grapevineweeklynews.com)
  • After writing 5 stories, we will provide you with a business card.
  • For sports writers, we will provide media access to the games (Grapevine high schools events, Mavericks, Rangers, Cowboys, Stars, FC Dallas).
  • Promotional items with Grapevine Weekly's logo (i.e., shirts)

How to signup as a Writer?

  • First step: register at Grapevine Weekly.
  • Second step: request the account be changed to Contributor by clicking here, use subject: Contributor Application on your email message.
  • Let us know whether you would like to cover regular Grapevine news, local Grapevine school sports or professional sports
  • We will provide you with story ideas. (you have the option of accepting or declining assignments)

Submission Requirements

  • Your work must be original and free from copyright infringement (this includes any photos included in story).
  • News items must be related to Grapevine, Texas or at least have some connection to the Grapevine community.
  • The exception to requirement #2 is professional sports coverage.
  • You agree that Grapevine Weekly will retain all intellectual property rights to works submitted. Permission must be sought to reproduce works on venues other than Grapevine Weekly.
  • When you login as a contributor on Grapevine Weekly, you will have access to our administrative section where you can submit your stories online.
  • No affiliate codes or referral links are allowed in story text.